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案例分享 | 漫亭酒店,体验旅居时光的曼妙


Mordern Stone




When we reach a cityStay in a hotel and pause the usual rhythmDeliver the body and mind to the space environment of accidental coexistence






What we want to feel and experienceNot just a rest or stayBut expect to be in a space of empathy and common feelingExplore the similarities and differences of lifeExperience the beauty of living time




Taking light as the guide is the design theme of the hotel entrance.Jump out of the interpretation of the solidified form, carry out creative expression on the progressive modeling of the coupon arch, and the light gives the facade a sense of atmosphere.


The connection between the curvature of the line and the architectural structure blends the surprise of the perceptual level, so that the guests "follow the light" to stay in the hotel and inject the current real-time form into the space in the experience and feeling. Therefore, people are visitors, visitors, viewers and participants in the space. Endless reverie in love and environment.



There are things in the air and sound in thingsKeep it simple and enrich it constantly


Borrow architectural techniques and language sets to carve the architectural beauty of the interior. The responsive array arch not only lengthens the depth of space under the action of light and shadow, but also meets the visual linkage and continuity.

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极地之夜GD5011 (深灰色)


Geometric language sets such as circle, arc and sphere extend the spatial structure. Combined with the refreshing low saturation color system, it creates an aesthetic atmosphere full of lightness, which helps people get a moment of comfort in the daily tedious.


Visitors can enjoy the pleasant reading time alone in the quiet space, build a boundary with the bustling market, and talk with their companions nearby. Travel or life will be a romantic and warm topic.



Every inch and every corner is loveOne corner and one falling phase habitat


In the multidimensional aesthetics of space, the silver water ripple in the hall is an attractive hospitality color; The color light and shadow in the coffee reading area is the leisurely color of the world.


As a result, color, as another rhythmic theme, speaks to itself in the intersection of light and material, depicting a yearning roaming environment for travelers.

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When entering the space, the water bar is used as the main functional space in the hall on the first floor, which well eliminates the sense of boundary brought by the traditional hotel aesthetics. Like the public living room, it naturally integrates into the space itself.


The corridor connected to the guest room area follows the construction method of subtracting in the space and does not overemphasize the sense of design, so that the lights can enter and lead layer by layer in the simple space, linger, stop and look forward to endless expectations.


When entering the guest room, the designer uses the understanding of spatial geometric language, ingenious structure and natural integration. The utensils and works of art are expressed in the contemporary way of Oriental Aesthetics and are the same as the aesthetics of spatial metaphor, so that the residents can feel the truth of life while resting.


There are not too many abrupt designs in the guest room, but more natural blending of aesthetic texture and visual experience.


The use of hue, the shape of utensils, texture and the intersection of light and shadow... The order of the space and the sense of atmosphere complement each other, so that the occupants can immerse themselves in a comfortable environment and fully feel the designer's ingenuity in local details.


When the sojourners get away from the local cultural life and really feel the local culture of others, a hotel with the spirit of place will be a valuable mark in the urban experience.